What is love – That’s love

It is 9th day of OctPoWriMo. Sorry I missed 8th day. Will write for that later on any other day. Today’s prompt – “Love”.

Such a lovely prompt is love πŸ˜‰ So what is love for you ? For me love is just love. Loving someone unconditionally; only parents can do that (not even children love their parents that way). Parents always love their children ❀ But what about falling in love with someone who is not your family. Yes I’m talking about that kind of love πŸ™‚ We love our friends but what is loving someone special ? A person for whom you have special feelings. Is that feeling is love !!! May be that’s love…

When you care for him
when you think about him
when you want to be with him
that’s love

when he pampers you
when he protects you
when he respects you
that’s love

when his happiness is more important
when his presence makes you feel secure
when his voice is all you want to listen
that’s love

when you leave your house to marry him
when you accept his family as yours
when you start a new life with him
that’s love

when you support each other
when you take stand for each other
when you just be with each other
that’s love

when you are far away
but still living for each other
that’s love
that’s love

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❀

#OctPoWriMo #love #poetry #poem

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