Her Dream Wedding

She was very excited for her marriage. She was going to be wife of her love. She was waiting for this day since long and the day finally came. She was looking so beautiful in her bridal attire. Her eyes were searching for her “going to be husband”. Her friends were teasing her; she was so curious to saw him.

Indian bride

Everyone was waiting for baarat (groom’s wedding procession). Time was passing but no idea why baarat was getting late. After waiting for long she called him but he didn’t picked the call. She got worried, negative thoughts started wandering in her mind.

After few hours she got a call, it was his number but when she picked call someone else was speaking from other side.

She asked, “who is this and where is he? I want to talk to him.”

“I’m Inspector Khan and the person with whom you wish to talk is in I.C.U.”

“What ??? please stop joking and let me talk to him.”

“No Miss! I’m not joking, he is in serious condition. His car was collapsed with truck. He has got major injuries.”

(She got fainted…)

When she opened her eyes , he was sitting in front of her. She got surprised. She was so happy to see that he was alright. She hugged him.

He said, “Hey! don’t worry. It was just a prank. I’m fit and fine. He was my friend who called you.”

She got angry and said, “It was not funny at all. You scared me. This is so unfair. I’m upset with you.”

indian couple

He hold her hand and replied, “I love you a lot. Don’t get upset with me. I am so sorry for that prank. Now forgive me and let’s get marry.”

She looked into his eyes and smiled, “I love you too”, she whispered.

And finally they get married. Her dream turn to reality.

Happy ending… πŸ™‚

Thank You for reading.

Kripi ❀

#flash #fiction #wedding #love #prank #happy #ending


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