Writing Every Week – #week 7

Hello everyone 🙂 

Hope you all are doing well.

I don’t know why but I am loosing interest in writing. There are a lot of distractions; not intentionally but definitely blogging is lagging behind. I’ll try to write at least twice a week. Now without wasting more time come to the point…

It is seventh week of “Writing Every Week” challenge. Here we are in the last month of the year. Time flows like water. Both are valuable things but sometimes we don’t value both.

Last week’s prompt was “Celebration”.

We have one entry from our fellow blogger Sanah. She has written a story which you can find here – “Is This Celebration?” Such a creative story it is. 

Now moving further come to this weeks’ prompt.

Prompt – Time

Now is the Time

Here are the rules for the challenge –

  1. I’ll post a prompt once in a week. Most probably on Tuesday.
  2. You can write any genre using that prompt, just write whatever you wish to share.
  3. You can share more than one post but use the given prompt.
  4. Twist is that you can’t write in same genre twice during one week, try different genres and enjoy writing.
  5. Use the tag #writingeveryweek to enter the challenge.
  6. Don’t forget to create ping-back. If you’re not sure how to create pingback then check it out here “how to create pingback” .
  7. If you are not able to create ping-back or you are not a WordPress user you can also drop a link to your post in comments section below.

Time is a very important thing. But still we waste it… Sometimes I feel confused about time 🙄 Am I actually wasting it or investing it ?? It sounds crazy but it is truth. I don’t understand the exact meaning of “wasting your time”. If I am doing nothing productive but I am enjoying the moment of not doing anything than does it really wastage of time or its a different usage of time…. Opppss its complicated 😛 Oh God! 😎 Let me know what you think about time, its usage, importance and wastage.

So share it here in the comment section below or write a post and share the link in the comments. You can write a story, poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction. Whatever you want to write. Go wherever Prompt takes you.

Challenge yourself to try different genre and different writing styles. This is the motto of this challenge. Bring the writer inside you out. Explore and share…

Thank You for joining in.
Enjoy writing  😎

Kripi ❤

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#life #time #moments 

3 thoughts on “Writing Every Week – #week 7

  1. Promptness i never shown to others cuz people can’t believe. Just be promt to urself. That will bring a lot of changes in you.


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