Writing Every Week – #week 2

Last week I’ve started a new challenge named as “Writing Every Week”. Purpose is to encourage the new bloggers and writers to write different genres. Last week’s prompt was “Struggle”. 

We have a entry from Sanah  who is a nature enthusiast. She has written a poem which tell us how mother Earth is struggling. Check out her writing here – calling out to you

Now it’s time for a new prompt.

Prompt – Stress

Here are the rules for the challenge –

  1. I’ll post a prompt once in a week. Most probably on Tuesday.
  2. You can write any genre using that prompt, just write whatever you wish to share.
  3. You can share more than one post but use the given prompt.
  4. Twist is that you can’t write in same genre twice during one week, try different genres and enjoy writing.
  5. Use the tag #writingeveryweek to enter the challenge.
  6. Don’t forget to create ping-back. If you’re not sure how to create pingback then check it out here “how to create pingback” .
  7. If you are not able to create ping-back or you are not a WordPress user you can also drop a link to your post in comments section below.

Get ready to write about stress but don’t take stress about writing 😎 . You can share how you deal with stressful situations or how you handle work-life stress. If you’ve no stress than tell it’s time to reveal your secret 😉 tell us how you are living a stress free life 🙂 You can write any fiction story or be more creative, write a poem about stress. Write whatever you want, its not compulsory to go with my suggestions, these’re just suggestions. Go wherever Prompt takes you.

Challenge yourself to try different genre and different writing styles. Bring the writer inside you out. Explore and share…

Suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

Thank You

Kripi ❤

#writngevryweek #writing #writer
#stress #life #live

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