Eyes – not liars


Image result for crying eyes images of girlSometimes its difficult to express what you feel. Words are not sufficient for explaining every emotion. You just hide pain behind that smile. The smile, that world sees, that seems real but its fake. Only that person can smile on little things who have much to hide. See in the eyes and eyes will reveal the truth. Eyes never lie but not everyone can read correctly. Eyes can’t hide the pain eyes are honest eyes speak a lot but difficult to understand. If you can read her eyes you’ll find the truth. But don’t you dare to reveal the truth if you are not strong enough to understand if you can’t interpret the truth truly then just stay away from her don’t dare to read her eyes. Don’t try to understand her if you don’t want to fall in love with her. She is mystery but her eyes reveals everything. She wanna close those eyes forever so that no one can feel the pain behind her smile. One day her eyes will learn how to lie…


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Hidden Feelings

She don’t know whether it is right to hide her feelings 🙄 but she is good at it. She can’t tell him how much she needs him how much she wants him how much she miss him how much she like him how much she love him. She don’t know why, but she like him from the day one, from the moment she saw him for for first time.

She never believed in love at first sight but may be now she believe. It was not love for first time but first time it was love at first sight. Don’t know whether it’s love or not !!! But whatever it is, It hurts a lot. She wish he could understand but how can anyone understand without saying anything !!!

Related image

She is weird and getting more weird day by day. Her feelings are killing her. No no!! not her feeling but hiding her emotions is the reason why she is dying everyday every second. She wants to share but she cant. They are not even good friends, they even don’t talk much, they’ve not met for a long time but still why her feelings are not dying ???

She love to remind the moments she spent with him ^^’ it was the last time they met and also her first date with him 😉 that flashback brings a smile on her face. 😀

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It was her first bike ride although she scares from bikes but with him she loved that she enjoyed his company. Story took a small turn here, he asked her to go for a movie with him, she was so happy but plan cancelled unfortunately.And they never met again. 😐

She didn’t want to fall in love again but she did.
A broken heart can’t love anyone… May be its not love… May be!!!

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