Depression and Suicide

What is suicide πŸ™„ πŸ™„ !!! Is this a cowardly act ??? But why it is consider that cowards do suicides, is this true !!! But it takes courage to end your life its not easy to harm self but it is not right may be… Why don’t we have right to end our life why ??? I just can’t understand this…

Mental health

One has no control over one’s own life … WOW … what a selfless world it is. Depression is main reason for mostly suicides. But main problem is people don’t want to understand what depression is what are its causes how much it can effect an individual.
Many people just use one word for those who are dealing with depression and taking treatments, they’re mad. Usually people taunt the patient who s suffering from any mental illness. Don’t be rude with them just behave normally don’t be too polite be normal and let them be normal.

People suffering from depression or any other mental illness are not abnormal they just need little care and love. It is difficult to understand what a person feel when he/she is depressed, only those can understand who suffer. Suicidal thoughts start running and its not easy to fight with them. Sometimes you win sometimes they win. But when you feel suicidal you can become so negative.


Generally I hear from people “stay away from negative people”, “maintenance distance from those who are depressed”, “negative people will spread negativity and it’ll harm you”…bla bla bla… this kind of thinking is right or wrong πŸ™„ !!!Β  If no one will make them understand then how’ll they come out of that negativity !!!

Positive can end the negativity. But making distance from negative people will make them more depressed. I just wanna say, try to understand depression and help people fighting it.

P.S. – Please don’t feel offended and don’t take anything personally. Just a normal talk, no intention to blame anyone.

Feel free to talk.

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Lets spread love together. ❀

5 thoughts on “Depression and Suicide

  1. Positive can end the negativity…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘..this is the only line which should be understand and act like would can solve the issue.
    Here I have one thing to add is that suicidal act is the result of “no way to solve the problem” and depression is the period of “finding solution and getting no result”
    Hope no one should be in such stages. God be with us.

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