Extra time

We all have 24 hours in a day but few waste their time ,few stay busy whole day and few others feel 24 hours are not sufficient for them.I am not a busy person but sometimes I really don’t get enough time to write .I have started writing here only few days ago but a day without writing anything feels like incomplete. Writing is a way to express your thoughts .What if I have a machine which could give me extra time.I would write more I would express more but I feel 24 hours are sufficient if manage our time effectively and stop wasting our precious time.I just sometimes wish I would have more time on Sundays .I don’t get time to write on Sundays .Keep writing Keep expressing.It is also a way of communication but people don’t give importance to it some people think communicating verbally is what really matters.I think both are equally important.What you think is more effective way Writing or Speaking.
Please share your opinions in comment section. I also wish to know what would you write if you get extra time.

One thought on “Extra time

  1. I hear you my friend, when you say – “a day without writing anything feels like incomplete.”
    Same here, now that I have started writing (recently) I feel restless and irritated if I dont write for 2-3 days at a stretch.

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