The Scene

It is a scene of metro station.I am standing outside metro station waiting for rain to stop.Many people are there doing the same.Clouds are crying and tears are falling down on the floor.I can a see a dog who has injury in it’s right leg.It can’t walk properly it is sitting near me.It looks like it is in pain and i am feeling really bad for it .I can’t help it.But I think May be I can but I did’t .It was sitting in way which was disturbing the travelers.So it stand up and left this place.I can see it’s pain it can’t walk properly.But still it left that place so that no one get troubled .Now after 15 minutes rain get slow and people started going outside.Rain still does not stop properly but it’s so less than before.People are catching the rickshaws and few still waiting for rain to stop.It’s water all around on the roads.I am in Rickshaw right now and there are two beautiful goats standing near the metro parking .There is a little jam on the road but I finally reach my home and the scene ends here.
So tell me which part you find most interesting in this. Thank you for reading.Keep visiting for more interesting posts.

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