Letter to Death

Dear Death
I know one day you will definitely come but don’t know when that one day will come.I don’t know how much more I have to wait for you.Everyone has to die one day.You are the destination of every life.No one is Immortal ; everyone will get to you at end.But still people worried from you.Why…?I don’t know.But what I know is you are the destination of my journey.I am not scared of you .You are most welcome by me.Few people loves you and try to reach to you before the right time but you are too smart.You always come on your time never before never after .
You are the only hope for some to end their pains and problems.You should understand and help them .Don’t be so rude.Just come and end all the pains of those who are no more able to handle it.Helping others is a good habit.
See you soon.
Your …


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