Letter to Silent Girl

It’s seventh day of OctPoWriMo. One week and a lot of learning. Today’s prompt is – “Unsent Letters”. It’s not easy to write a letter in a poetic form, at least for me. But I’ve tried and outcome is a little bit weird. This is a letter to a girl who speaks less. I can say, she is silent girl with too many thoughts, who speak less and think more. But I think, “overthinking kills thinking”. I just want to tell her one thing “start speaking before its too late”. I know you feel abnormal but sometimes its normal to be abnormal. Don’t let people taking advantage of your goodness. You’ve already missed a lot of chances because of your shyness, its time to change now.

Message In A Bottle, Bottle, Sea, Message, Wreck
Image courtesy – Pixabay

Dear Silent Girl

You have the voice
why don’t you raise it
why are you so quite
why before speaking
you always think twice

you never express
what you feel
please start speaking
it’s not a big deal

be a little loud
be more clear
you can face the crowd
don’t worry my dear

no one will judge you
just be true
it’s all your choice
what will you do

your inner voice

Thank You for reading.

Kripi ❤

#unsent #letters #OctPoWriMo #poem #poetry
#change #speak #silent #girl


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