Fictional Story – Part 2

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Chapter – 2

Krisp reached the graveyard and burst into tears. She didn’t has the courage to see death body of her best friend. But she managed to be brave enough. Krisp fainted in graveyard after the moment when coffin was interred into burial ground. Her parents took her to hospital. Doctor said, “She is traumatized by this incident, she needs rest otherwise, it can be dangerous for her health.”

Girl and the Ghost - Graveyard

Her mother cried and replied to doctor, “Please doctor help us to save our daughter, she hasn’t eaten anything since past day. She is not talking to anyone, just crying continuously.” Yes doctor she is not saying a single word to anyone, we’re so worried for her, Krisp’s father added.

If she would not talk to anyone then she may suffer major depression or any other  mental disorder. Too much stress can cause many life taking disease, doctor said to her parent’s in a tensed voice.

Krisp get up suddenly and shouted loudly “Vink”. Her parents and doctor came to room immediately and tried to calm her down but she was so hyper.She murmured “where is Vink??? I want to see her, I want to meet her please tell me where is she? Why are you all silent please call her please mom please dad, someone call Vink, I want to listen her voice.Where is she?? Please call her.”

Her mother hugged her and said, “just calm down Krisp, don’t panic dear, don’t worry everything is fine, relax.”

No! mom, I can’t relax until I see Vink, I saw a very bad dream. It was worst nightmare of my life. I saw that Vink is dead, she left me alone. This dream scared me. Please mom… Read More

Title of the story – “Girl and the Ghost”
Written by – Kripi
Genre – Fiction
(All rights reserved)

Feedback is most welcomed.

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❤

#fiction #story #friends #bonding #death #trauma


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