How will I know unsaid

It is twenty-first day of #OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt – “How will I know?”

Many questions grab the unnecessary space in mind whenever I try to write on any questioning prompt. Today’s prompt take me to the moment when people want to express their feelings but fail to do so. And expect others to understand without saying. I want to tell them one thing, there is no telepathy dear, just tell me or give me any hint to get what you want to tell.

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What do you want?
How will I know?

What do you feel?
How will I know?

You want to say something
why don’t you say anything?

Where’re you residing?
What’re you hiding?

Are you in pain?
Why you always cry in rain?

If you don’t share with me
How will I know?

I want to know
but don’t know
How will I know…???

Few questions remain unanswered forever…

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❀

#OctPoWriMo #Poetry #poet #poem
#hidden #questions #finding #answers




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