Writing Every Week – #week 5

Hello everyone 🙂

Hope you all are doing well.

Welcome to fifth week of “Writing Every Week” challenge. It is last Tuesday of October and the month will end tomorrow. And the year is going to be end soon 😎

Last week’s prompt was “Writing”. 

We have two entries for last week…

1. One from Sanah who is a creative writer. She has written a thoughtful piece. You can find here how she connect life with writing  Writing What Matters 

2. Another one from J. Ojanpera who entered the challenge for first time. He is a published writer. I should thank him for joining in. He has shared a part of his writing journey with us. You find it here Writing

Now it’s time for a new Prompt.

Prompt –  Communication

Here are the rules for the challenge –

  1. I’ll post a prompt once in a week. Most probably on Tuesday.
  2. You can write any genre using that prompt, just write whatever you wish to share.
  3. You can share more than one post but use the given prompt.
  4. Twist is that you can’t write in same genre twice during one week, try different genres and enjoy writing.
  5. Use the tag #writingeveryweek to enter the challenge.
  6. Don’t forget to create ping-back. If you’re not sure how to create pingback then check it out here “how to create pingback” .
  7. If you are not able to create ping-back or you are not a WordPress user you can also drop a link to your post in comments section below.

We are here to express ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts and more. Communication is the process of exchanging of information verbally or non-verbally. We communicate daily in many ways. Body language plays an important role in communication. So its time we should discuss what communication means to you. How do you like to communicate your thoughts, Some like to speak i.e. verbally some like to write i.e. non verbally. But few who can’t speak and can’t write too also communicate through signs i.e. sing language. There are a lot of ways to express what we feel, what we want to convey.

There is much stuff to write about communication but I don’t want to make this post long so I’ll do a separate post for that. You can share your experiences about communication. The time when you find it difficult to convey your message, what will you do in a situation when your message get interpreted wrongly, if we don’t communicate right way then things can go wrong… One wrong interpretation can ruin many things.

Write whatever you want to write. Suggestions are just suggestions not compulsions. Go wherever Prompt takes you. Feel free to share your thought. No one is going to judge you here.

At end I just say one thing… Challenge yourself to try different genre and different writing styles. This is the motto of this challenge. Bring the writer inside you out. Explore and share…

Suggestions and feedback are most welcome.

Thank You for joining in.
Enjoy writing 😎

Kripi ❤

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#communication #speak #write #symbols

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