Fictional story -Part 5

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Chapter – 4

Krisp was alone at home. Her mom had been gone to help her father. She was getting bore, so she picked up cell phone to play games. But by mistake she clicked on the gallery icon and pictures of Vink made her sad. She started missing her. There was a snap of the moment when they’re promising each other that they will never be separated, no matter what may happen. She got disturbed and started crying.

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She murmured to herself, “I am sorry Vink, I broke my promise. I am not a true friend but I miss you a lot. I wish you would be here.”

And suddenly she heard a noise coming from kitchen…

She was shocked and scared.

“There was no one at home than who could be inside the kitchen ??? Is there any thief or intruder break into her house !!!”, she started thinking.

After a minute of thought she came out of her room and moved towards kitchen. She was worried but courageous. As she reached the kitchen, she saw there was no one in the kitchen. But fridge door was opened and some snacks were missing. She looked here and there around her but found nothing. Then she heard a voice, “Welcome to KinKin show”. She ran towards living room where she found T.V. was on. Someone was laughing sitting on the sofa. She picked up a rod for her safety (if intruder attack her, she could use that rod for her defense). She started moving slowly without making any noise.

She reached near sofa and said, “Hey! who are you? How did you entered my house? How dare you sitting here?”

The person who was watching the television turned back and shouted on Krisp, “You just shut up and stop disturbing me. Can’t you see, I’m watching my favorite show. Don’t irritate me, it’s my house. Why’re you here? Just get lost out of my house. I don’t want to share this place with anyone.”

She got shocked. There was a … Read More

Title of the story – “Girl and the Ghost”
Written by – Kripi
Genre – Fiction
(All rights reserved)

Feedback is most welcomed.

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❤

#fiction #friends  #death
#Ghost #intruder #thief


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