Title not required

Hello everyone πŸ™‚

Let’s start with a smile πŸ™‚

What is blog? I think a place to share our thoughts, express our feelings, interact with other people sharing same interests. May be…
…For some its a personal dairy
…For some its a way to make money
…For some its just writing their heart out
…For some its like social media πŸ˜›

But whatever it is for you, you are a part of it now. For me its a place where I can write easily what I can’t speak easily 8)

Emotional confusion

The person who speaks less have more things to say. A little complicated may be to understand. Everything is jumbled up… I want to talk but why It’s that much difficult πŸ™„ πŸ™„ No I don’t have answer to this question

How can I explain to others if its difficult for me to understand whats running in my mind. I really don’t know why I over-react on little things 😦 Sometimes I just want to talk to anyone but don’t want to share anything.. It’s so confusing…

I am fed up with these strange feelings. Not easy to understand but more difficult to manage. Why I have extreme mood swings 😦 Everyday it feels like a roller coaster ride. Anger to guilt, Smile to cry, Happy to sad, Enjoy to destroy, from wanting to be with people to wanting to be alone…… and vice-versa.

May be its normal and I am overthinking about it. What is this ! Can anyone tell? Is this happens with you too?Β  How can I deal with this πŸ™„

Need to discuss with someone otherwise things can go worst. No judgments please.

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❀

#personal #post #mental #health


3 thoughts on “Title not required

  1. Well I don’t if its normal but I know I experience it all the time too – like I express love through touch and so want to receive it from people the same way but more often than not, I hate being touched🀣

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  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ….appreciate.
    Blogging is, as a medium of expression, as a medium of thoughtful sharing, as to share your love with others, as to sharing your knowledge, as a platform to gossip with friends, as a store to share your products, as to overcome by sharing own feelings with others and various other things.
    For readers and followers blogs are as a book to read, a medium of get knowledge, a store of various stuffs, to feel a lovely environment, make new friends and followers, get to know about unknown things, discuss on a current affairs and muchmore.
    An odd comment sometime harass a writer.A suggestive comment rises the zeal to write more new thoughts for good readers.

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