Fictional Story – Part 3

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Chapter – 3

10 days later

Krisp was still sacred and upset with Vink’s death. Flashbacks of that moment didn’t let her fall asleep. She was worried if anyone would know the truth. How would her parents react if they’d know that she lied to them, she thought .

Guilty feeling
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She was feeling very guilty, she blamed herself for that accident. She felt she should tell everything to her parents but she was afraid of consequences. She thought her parents and Vink’s parents would hate her. She was not worried of punishment because she feels that she should be punished but she didn’t want to be apart from her parents.

But she couldn’t bear this guilt anymore. So she went to her parents to confess her mistake.

She said to her parents, “Mom! Dad! I want to tell you something, I want to confess my mistake. Please promise me that you’d not hate me after this.”

No dear we can’t hate you , you’re our only child and we love you from bottom of our heart. Don’t worry, we’ll not scold you, just speak your heart out. You’ll feel light my sweetheart. Her mother replied.

Yes my princess, say whatever you want to share with us. We know you can’t break our trust. We trust you and we’ll understand you. I and your Mom will always love you, no matter whatever happen, her father added.

She started speaking in a low voice, “Mumma, I broke your trust, I lied… Read More

Title of the story – “Girl and the Ghost”
Written by – Kripi
Genre – Fiction
(All rights reserved)

Feedback is most welcomed.

Thank you for reading.

Kripi ❤

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