Dear Death

Dear Death
You are destination of life
One day you’ve to come
why to wait for long…

Story of a shy girl with many suicidal thoughts

She has been fed up with her life, tired of living. She want to end her life but still alive. She always think of ways to stop breathing. She feels sorry for no particular reason. Why she want to end her life 🙄 🙄 may be because she is not happy with the life she is living may be she has bad memories may be there are many reasons may be there is no reason !!!

If she has some problems than why don’t she tries to find solutions !!! If she is upset with someone than why don’t she tell anyone !!! If she is sad than why don’t she try to be happy !!! If she don’t love the life she is living than why she is not living the life she’d love !!! Why? Why? Why?

She tried to find solutions she tried to tell someone she tried to be happy she tried to love her life she tried to share her problems but nothing worked for her. She got tired of trying. She can’t handle the failure anymore. It is making her more depressed. She looses all her hopes. She don’t want to live but still alive.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Death

  1. 👌👍👍.
    jingle bell’s sound cannot make happy an infant when hunger, rather a breastfeeding can. Likewise finding solutions in a joyful effort is never can end the problems. May be the solution is been hidden in another part.

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  2. There is a quote I love, and it is from the book, Advice from a Failure, by Jo Coudert, an old-time writer with a lot of good thoughts on life. “Of all the people you will know in a lifetime,
    you are the only one you will never leave or lose.
    To the question of your life,
    You are the only answer.
    To the problems of your life,
    You are the only solution.”

    I think it is natural to feel alone and unloved when you are young. Your body hormones have changed, and it is natural to want to be close to others, to feel liked and perhaps loved, and to feel the hugs and blessings of another you admire. The feeling doesn’t necessarily go away as you grow older, but it changes and you are more active and outgoing. It is that shift from being a young child who has parents and perhaps other family members to being out on your own and realizing that YOU are now the family, you are Santa Claus or perhaps the Easter Bunny if you believe in those things. There is no one else there to do it for you.

    Most of us who are older (and I am MUCH older) now have lived through these things. There are a lot of things to do because you are young and have so much to offer. I was a volunteer no mater what other work, etc. I did since I was 14, and I just took on another volunteer job at almost 77 come this November. Volunteering gives you a whole new perspective on life and it is a good one. If you are not certain about whether your job is the right one for you, or if you have a desire to try other things, it is an excellent way to learn about the kind of work you are thinking of. And by learning the behind-the-scenes goings on, you will become a better employee too for you will be comfortable when you walk into “new” job shoes. When you are a volunteer, you are appreciated and people truly care what happens to you.

    I have felt all these feelings you have talked about and it is crucial to talk about them to others so that you do not end up acting on them. In my area, we have had several young people commit suicide by various methods, and it is always heartbreaking for those of us who learn about it and who care about what happens to others. So much potential and now it will never come to fruit. So what I can say is that if you start thinking too much about doing something, please see someone professional right away. There is nothing shameful in it, and a lot more people suffer every day than you can imagine. After living all these years, I can honestly say that I have been there and have almost done it several times when I was young like you. I thought being on my own and not feeling loved was just unbearable, but we have to love our own selves first and foremost. I was severely bullied too throughout my life because I was shy and did not know how to speak up for myself, but today things are very different. I would not put up with a lot of negativity from anyone today. Just please never act on any thoughts you have, even jokingly. People who end up ending their lives seldom realize what it does to all the others who loved them in their lives.

    You are loved, I am sure, by someone or perhaps a number of people. And you are Sacred to this earth. You were meant to be here or you would not be. We all have our up days and our down days, and our extremely down days, but we have to help and love ourselves enough to get us through those days. You are going to have all the things you may yearn for now and much, much more.

    Please do take care of yourself and write or call others if you need to when you are feeling some of these things. They ARE normal, but sometimes you just need to talk them out. Hugs and blessings always, Anne

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