One Day

Waiting for one day

One day all her dreams will come true. She’ll love the life she is living, may the day come soon. She know crying is not the solution of her problems but the only way to lighten her heart. She smile everyday and cry every night. She don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right. She is doing what she can do. Life is not rude with her but she is rude with her life. She hides her feelings all her pains all her love all her emotions. She can’t say !!! or She don’t want to say !!! A confused girl with lots of questions, which may never get answered. She lies to herself she wants to destroy herself she want to end herself but she is living; not for herself. May be she is selfish because she want to live selflessly.

She is with her
she is against her
she is her friend
she is her enemy
she loves herself
she hates herself
she wants to live
she wants to die
she smile she cry
She don’t know Why

May be one day everything in her life will be fine.May be that One Day will come soon.

She is waiting for that ONE DAY…

#live #life #OneDay #happiness #waiting #come #soon


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