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I want to re write an old post with some improvements and alterations.It is about coffee conversation among two old friends who coincidentally met after a long time in a coffee cafe.You can visit the old post here – Coffee Conversation

Cafe Coffee Day

A boy entered the cafe and saw that all seats were taken, he was looking for a seat and suddenly his eyes paused.There was a beautiful girl sitting alone with a mug of coffee in hand.She was a old friend of the boy.

He reached her table and said “Can I join you beautiful lady”😀 ??
(She turned back and surprisingly looked at him ) 😳
He: Hey! Remember me!!! 
(after  few seconds she replied)
She: Yaa… How can I forget you. You’re Sameer. Right!!!
He: Yes… I am happy that you recognized me.I thought you didn’t. Its five years since we last met.Mmm.. if you don’t mind can I sit here?? o_O
She: Yes Yes Sure.Please sit ^^’
He: So, how’s life going??
She: All going good.What about you?How’re you doing??
He: I’m doing well.Thanks for asking.Well… You’re looking beautiful 🙂
She: (blushed) Thanks for compliment ❤

(Waiter reached the table and interrupted )

Waiter: Sir your coffee. (Settled the mug on table and left the place)
She: Waiter; My bill please…!!!
He: Hey, Are you going this soon ??? 🙄 🙄
She: Mmm.. Extremely Sorry Sameer but I’ve to go now. I’ve a really urgent work.Sorry I can’t stay longer.Hope you don’t mind.
He: It’s OK. Don’t be sorry I can understand 😥 😥 I’m Sorry I left you five years back.
She: It’s alright.Let it be. Bye…
(paid her bill and left the place with wet eyes)

He realized his mistake but its too late now.Two broken hearts left with unsaid feelings…

#cafe #Coffee #conversation #old #Friends
#broken #hearts #unsaid #feelings


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