She is not weak

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She is not weak she is just emotional.She cry over many things but she is not weak.She become stronger when she wipe her tears herself.No! she doesn’t need anyone to stop her crying but she need a shoulder to put her head when she feel low.

She doesn’t need someone to understand her all the time but she need someone to make her understand when she goes mad.She really need someone to be with her always not because she is weak just because she need love.

She is not weak she is alone.She feels lonely even in crowd.She has friends but don’t like to talk much.She is shy not dumb.She is suffering from something which can never be understood by anyone but she wish someone could understand.She is not weak she is soft hearted. She is kind and compassionate.

She fall in love easily because she needs love, she needs to be loved.She love someone but not going to tell anyone.She is a mystery which will never get revealed.She has been broken but not weak.She is fighting alone she is brave she is not weak.She is not weak she is just emotional.She’ll be fine Yes! She’ll be fine soon.

#strong #emotional #brave #kind #mystery #shy #broken #fighter


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