New Month New Beginning

Welcome to the new month.Everyone celebrates New Year but why not new month πŸ™„ πŸ™„ Every month bring something new something fresh.

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This is First blog post for first day of September. I’ve started with a new zest for writing.Last month was good but this will be better.Goals for the month :-

  • Regular Blogging
  • Daily morning walk (as I always do) and exercise
  • New theme for my WordPress blog (need suggestions)
  • Try to pay attention to my another blog on Blogger
  • Daily News Paper reading (most important and difficult)
  • last but not least, improve my
    • vocabulary
    • writing skills
    • communication skills

I think it should be enough for one month for a lazy girl like me 😈 You can share your goals or plannings for the month.

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Have a great September ❀

#Fresh #month #Fresh #morning #Fresh #start.


3 thoughts on “New Month New Beginning

  1. I love this post. Every new month should be celebrated. I need to make a similar list, but for now I think I will borrow yours. I need to spend a little more time reading other blogs. I do try and read other writers works like poetry, and short stories. I absolutely agree with always improving your writing skills. A few years back I read Steven King’s On Writing memoir and one of things he said a writer should always do is read; good books and even bad books. King said you learn more from reading, and most importantly with constant practice. You’ve given me lots to add to my To Do list for this month. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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    1. I am so happy to know that you love this post and find it useful.Thank you for reading and commenting.Your words means a lot.
      You’re right reading is must to become a good writer.Feedback and appreciation from readers like you is also important for good results.

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