Everything that begin have to end one day.Life has a end which is called death.Every ending is a new beginning .Today is end of August, one more month of the year 2018 is going to be end in few hours.A thought is flashed in my mind which I want to share with you.I just thought What did I do in this whole month ?Did I do something productive or just waste my time?I spend a lot of time on blogging since mid of August but does it have any worth?Whats the motive behind this?Too many questions wandering in my mind but answers are still not found.Searching my mind, looking for answers…

Sunsets are proof that Ending can be beautiful too

After few hours of deep thinking I find some of answers but few more questions are raised in mind.Why I am wasting time on thinking too much?Why I am writing all these questions?Is am going to share this stuff ?Why Why Why….!!!There are too much Whys. But it can be stopped if I calm down my mind and share whatever is rambling around.So I do and this get ended.As I said in beginning “Everything that begin has an end”

Lets come to last point. I’ve reviewed my blog posts for August and feel that I’ve to put more efforts, work I’ve done is not enough I’ve to improve myself ,my writing skills communication skills,way of presentation and a lot of things need improvement. Although I’ve learnt many things .Here are top four posts of the month :-


New Beiginning

Have a wonderful September ❤ Keep Smiling 🙂
#Endings #New#Beginning #HappyJourney #AugustEnd

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