Learning – Continuous Process

Hello everyone

Today I am not going to just write .I also want to know your views about learning.You can share in comments if you wish to do so.

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I think learning is a life long process , we shouldn’t stop it at any point of life.Learning is not just getting bookish knowledge or some degree.Whatever we understand and keep in mind is something that we learn.It can be good or bad.

Age is just a number. We can learn at any age .Not only from elders but from younger too.We are living in a Technological world where parents learn about new tech from their children.Children learn many things(a huge list is there) from their parents since beginning of their lives till end.

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As a blogger I’ve learnt many things from fellow bloggers .There are few names I would like to mention :-

All of them are awesome and creative bloggers. I’ve learnt many things from them and still learning many new writing and blogging facts.You guys are amazing.I would like to say a big Thank you to all of you.You didn’t teach me directly but your blogs do.

#Creative Bloggers #Creative Photographers #Creative Writers

Keep sharing Keep growing.

11 thoughts on “Learning – Continuous Process

  1. The older i get i learned I know nothing and learn something everyday and I think we never stop learning, and if we say we are smart and know everything we leave no room to grow. For I believe it is impossible to know everything. I am happy to still be able to learn. I am not sure was thinking after a certain age the brain might not be able to process things? I am speaking of senile people. I am not sure. Just since I am getting older, I just want to make sure I learn new things in case one day I forget. a new thought as I get older. Sorry for rambling on your blog. GREAT POST! Thank you for sharing it with us! 😀

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  2. That is really great that you thanked these people for even though they may not have known it but they taught you things and you thanked them for that. 🙂 great example!

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