Coffee Conversation

One of my favorites…

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Today’s task is not so simple for me because I don’t like coffee but I am going to write a coffee conversation between two old friends who meet in coffee cafe coincidentally .It’s all my imagination let see how it works.So it starts here One boy entered the cafe and saw that all seats are taken he was looking for a seat and suddenly saw his friend sitting with a mug of coffee in hand.He went near her and she got surprised seeing him there.She offered him seat and then conversation begins.
He : Hey Samayra ! How are you.It’s five years we last talk.
She : Yaa ! I am Fine .What about you.(In a slow voice)
He : I am fine too.But why are you looking upset.Are you not happy to see me here.(Looking confused)
She : No no .It’s not that.I was just supposed we will never…

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