We all know that technology has taken important place in our daily lives.It is very useful it makes works easy but “every coin has two sides”; same with it.Technology is a two edge sword.Today’s assignment is to criticize technology. Criticizing is not only counting the negatives or demerits of someone or something but it is analysis of something . So here are both positive as well as negative effects of this:

Positive review :- Technology gives us an easy life it makes thing much easier and faster.Even small kids know how to use internet and mobiles.It makes communication easier now we can communicate to anyone anywhere in the world without making huge efforts.We don’t have to wait for reply of letters ,paper work is also reduced and it is the best part .Now if we are using less paper it means we are saving tress.So its also good for nature and environment.

Negative review :- Technology helps us a lot but it also makes us lazy .We are now dependent on it for almost everything.Too much use of mobiles and internet can harm eyesight .It is the most common reason why even small kids wear specks ,it also effects the brain.

So we should use it carefully.It can be useful for all but careless use can harm many. You can share your reviews in comments.

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