A Story in a Single Image

Women In Woods

Today I have to write a story with a single image.In this image there is a women in woods. She is standing alone and looking for the way.She was stuck in forest for 3 hours.She did’t loose hope and kept searching for way to get out that place.She heard a voice and started following that voice.It was voice of horn of a vehicle .It was a ray of hope for her.She finally reach at this place.She saw a way ahead.There was a light which is showing the way .It was the light of her hope.Now she started moving forward toward that light.She finally reached near the end.Now she could hear the sounds of road clearly.She stand there and take a minute to thought.She was so calmed and relaxed standing near her destination.She was so happy as she faced many problems reaching there but she reached there.She realized that nothing is impossible .If we don’t give up  we will definitely find our destination.She had hope and faith which is really important to complete our goals and also to face difficult times with confident.She is looking calmed and confident in this image.So moral of the story is “Never give up, Keep trying”.


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