Things I love about my favorite movie

I am not a writer .This is my third blog post.Today’s challenge is writing what I do love about my favorite movie.First of all let me tell you which one is my favorite movie.So it is 3 idiots.I have watched it more than 50 times and can still watch it 100 times .This movie is just completely different from others.It gives me inspiration and motivation.It is good for entertainment also but It has a message for the viewers .We should never give up in our lives.One of the main characters in the movie tried to commits suicide due to the fear of being suspended from college.But he actually learned living after that attempt of ending his life.His friends saved his life .It was a like new birth for him. After that he get more confident , he stopped trusting blind beliefs. That s why I believe that “One learn standing more better after falling”. We sometimes don’t value our lives and start attempts to end it.But in-between those attempts we learn value of our lives.Second thing I love most about that movie is “we should not try to be successful but we should try to achieve excellence”.Degrees really doesn’t matters .May be degrees can grant us a job but we can continue that job only if we have knowledge.The main lead character in the movie was not doing engineering for getting any degree he was just learning. And at the end it was proven that success follows the excellence.And this also happens in reality too.Overall movie is just best .Words are less to explain it.I have just write about the part most related to me.No words can explain my love for 3 idiots.Thank you for reading this.


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