I don’t know how to start but I have to start.We all see dreams but not all dreams come true.Everyone wish to make their dream a reality but only few actually do.Hope is the only thing sometimes we all need.If we loose hopes we step back from the way of achieving our goals , the way of fulfilling our dreams.I think I am writing this because I have a hope that I will improve one day.A time comes in everyone’s life when they loose the hope of living and they really want to end their lives.But this is what life is all about.We have to face hard times and facing the problem is the only solution .Running away from the problems is not a solution but is a problem .We loose hopes at times when we face the difficult situations.Sometimes it seems like nothing would go right;we have started feeling like life will never be on right track again but if we have faith and hope then nothing is impossible.We can face any situation doesn’t matters we are alone or someone is there for us.We have to fight alone we have face problems alone .We can’t run like a coward.Time is testing us and we will pass this test with best result.Never loose hope never ever…


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