Why I write ??

I don’t know why but I love to write.There are too many things run in our minds every second.Some people explain that verbally but some don’t have words to explain the things.Few love to speak ,few love to write but there are few others who just keep the things hide.Sometimes we just don’t have option,sometimes we have but we don’t want to choose that .It’s one’s choice whether one want to speak or to write.Some love speaking , some love writing but few love to keep quite.Sometimes its not a choice to keep quite but it’s the option you choose.Don’t judge anyone without knowing them .People judge other’s even when they just meet them once only. Writing helps in expressing your feelings without having interruptions in between.Just take a pen and paper and start writing whatever  you want to say but can’t say whatever the reason maybe.And tore that paper after you finish then throw the pieces into dustbin.It will help you in relaxing .Your thoughts which keep you disturbing will go out of your mind and the best thing is you don’t need any person to do that.Just a paper and pen can help you.You can write with your keyboard too but you can’t tore that.I know it may be funny but the feelings vent out of mind when you turn that piece of paper into many small pieces.You can’t feel that with typing.When you start writing don’t think what you are writing , what people will think about your grammatical errors  ;just keep writing because you are going to delete it(whatever you write) permanently.I know I do some grammatical mistakes.But mistakes are part of learning so I think it’s good to do mistakes at beginning.Thank you for not judging  this… .


2 thoughts on “Why I write ??

  1. I love to write. But sometimes don’t really know why I love to write. When I took this class, I had no idea how to answer this question. I feel like I love to write because its a wonderful way of expressing ourselves. It is way to bring out and show who you are and for me, it is something I am good at.

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